Parent Organization: SG Recognized Groups

RIT Competitive Cybersecurity Club (RC3) is a student-run organization dedicated to educating and preparing RIT students to compete in security-related competitions and to showcase RIT student talent in the world of security today. Whether you're new to competitive cybersecurity or a veteran, RC3 has a place for you.

RC3 centers around live individual and team-based security exercises covering a wide variety of areas in computing and security, including network security, application security, system security and more. Every week we spend the first 30 minutes discussing security news and current events, and then present on some kind of fundamental security concept or tool. Then we do a live, in lab competition in order to get hands on experience about the thing we just covered. Along with our hack-a-week challenges, members have ample opportunity to improve their technical skills.

Regularly scheduled meetings are held Fridays from 12-2 pm in 70-2410, the security lab.


This is a Tier 4 Club