STAR Spring Break Email

STAR will not be having a meeting next week. Sign up for Night Crew if you are interested in learning about the Bridge Crew. T-Shirts are for sale online and at meetings.

Greetings, non-attending STAR members!

Thank you again to everyone who attended this week's discussion of governments and sci-fi, and a huge shoutout to Michael Cooper for educating us! Due to spring break, there will be no meeting this week. However, look forward to the week we return for an awesome discussion on the overlap of fantasy and science fiction with guests from the Fantasy Club!
Are you considering joining Bridge Crew next year? You should consider taking up a Night Crew position! If you join Night Crew , you will have the opportunity to shadow one of the members of the Bridge Crew for a week, so you have a better understanding of their responsibilities. Night Crew will be from March 28th to April 4th, and we can't wait to see you!
T-SHIRTS ARE HERE! T-shirts are $10 for members and $15 for non-members, and can be purchased at any of our upcoming missions or on the link above.
STARfest is coming! If you would like to be a part of RIT's sci-fi convention, consider running a panel or being a volunteer! In the meantime, be sure to follow STARfest on Twitter and Google+ and Facebook!
STAR is participating in Relay For Life! The race takes place April 9th-10th, and our theme is STAR WARS! Anyone interested in being a part of our Relay team should register online ASAP. Registration is only $10, but wil be going up on March 27th. If you're interested in helping plan all of our cool activities for the 12+ hour adventure, please join the Relay for Life Slack Channel.
Over spring break, Book Club is going to be finishing Snow Crash, by Neil Stephenson. Come to the lounge outside the bamboo room an hour before the next meeting and discuss the novel, as well as what we'll be reading next!
PR Committee continues to be awesome! They meet on Thursdays, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM in SAU 2740.
As always, you can find STAR updates, announcements, and events on Facebook, Google+, or The Link, and please direct all questions, concerns, and suggestions, to
—STAR Bridge Crew, 2015-2016


Posted by Ryan Morgenlander on March 17, 2016