Parent Organization: SG Recognized Groups

Humans vs Zombies is a new take on the game of tag that emulates a zombie apocalypse. Players start the week as a human and try to survive their day against the growing zombie horde. Human players use nerf blasters and rolled up socks to defend from zombie players that are trying to tag them. If a human is tagged, they become a zombie. Not only do people have to survive going to classes but succeed on missions every night to improve their odds of being extracted at the end of the week. We host two seperate week long games, one in the Fall and one in the Spring as well as mini-games and other events throughout the year. Our games have hundreds of players and we are always looking for more people that are interested in a mixture of excitment, paranoia and fun.

Meeting Information:

Day: Friday

Time: 5pm

Location: Liberal Arts 3rd Floor

Frequency: Weekly

This is a Tier 2 Club